Outdoor Lighting

Unsure of how to light the outside of the house, I went with a recessed floor option for some dramatic uplighting. On Ebay I got some unground 12V lights intended for gardening projects. 
 I cut of the preinstalled connector to get to the wires. Nice quality and material...

 Then some holes needed to be cut into the porch. Anytime you cut a hole into the house there is a sort of dread and pain that comes with it.
This is what it looks like installed into the holes I cut. I went with two of these with one on either side of the porch. They look great. 
This is what it looks like at night. I think that it's a good look but there are a few caveats...

1) They are too bright - I'm going to figure out a way to apply a filter of some other way to reduce their intensity a bit.
2) When you come out of the house at night these on, you are kind of blinded by them since you are forced to look down as you don't want to miss that first step down from the porch. 

Other than those two issues, I'm happy with them. 


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