This look was not appealing for very long.

After I closed up the ceiling it made a world of difference in regard to look and feel. I used a thin knotty pine material from the big box hardware store. It went from this
 to this
I integrated some small LED recessed lighting fixtures (you can see wiring for that on the prior picture.) I'd like to point out a rookie mistake in the picture above. When I put up the tongue and groove wood material, I pulled one board out and then the next and so on. Since the stuff is cut out of one piece of the wood, the knots follow in sequence. Look at the tidy rows in the picture above. When I noticed this, I was so mad. You should alway pull boards out randomly to avoid this mistake!
Well on a positive note, it did make my decision to paint my ceiling that much easier. I wanted something in the grey family. Pretty dark. I was to counter the very white walls that I had just painted (see this post).
I played around with some different tones and ultimately opted for this one:
It's called "Starless Night." As a side note, how much fun must it be to name paints for a living?
What I had created on the ceiling was effectively a headboard type surface with all the panels installed. I had the 'hope' of getting a 'rough surface' roller and being able to not have to brush in all the grooves. I was wrong. Painting the ceiling took a full 12 hours from start to finish. It will not be repainted for a l-o-n-g time...
Good thing in that case that I'm quite happy with the outcome. Two things I might have changed. 1) I may have opted for a slightly lighter color since this one is pretty dark 2) I possibly would have gone with eggshell or mat for a more dramatic look than the semi gloss (to match the walls) that I chose. 
Here's it he final look...judge for yourself:


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