Goal for me was always to have a full bathroom in my two bedroom tiny house. That meant having space consideration for a sink, shower and toilet. No small task in the minuscule space there was to work in. Toilet had already been chosen and that was the infamous Incinolet (coincidentally my most popular post on this blog). It vents out through the wall and requires not further plumbing. Yay. 
I went with an Ikea sink which is the smallest they sell. Retangular...Like it a lot.  It sits atop it's vanity counterpart. Both hover slightly above the floor and take up very little space. 
For the shower, I got the smallest shower pan I could find and it's a 24"x24" one. That's not a lot of room and forget about picking anything up from around your foot area while showering if you are 6'3" like I am. For the walls of the shower, I have always liked the galvanized roofing look and wanted to go with that. I framed out the shower in ply before putting up the metal. The metal is somewhat hard to work with. Wear gloves...all the time! This stuff will rip your fingers/hands to shreds. 
That's about it I guess. Here are the pictures to go along with what I describe above. 
Hole in the wall for the Incinolet vent. 
Ok. That's in. 
Skipped a few steps here but, this is what it looks like done! No space to back up far enough to get the full picture. Need to get out my fancy camera with the wide angle lens... Oh the bathroom mirror is pretty cool. Let me do a post on that too. 


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