Bathroom Mirror

As with many things in the house, I tend to gravitate towards older used stuff when possible to get a more individualized feel. I already had the Ikea sink, so I didn't want to add to that look by getting a plastic Ikea mirror. I wound up buying and estate sale mirror with a wood frame. Probably about 50 years old (like me) and in pretty good shape (like me). 
I had already laid the low voltage wiring for lighting the bathroom but, had not picked out the method in which I wanted to do so. Always a fan of indirect light, I opted to back light the mirror. To do so I glued a 2x4 (2x3?) base onto the mirror. The exterior of that surface was then wrapped in an LED strip which I bought off of Ebay. Here are some pictures since that makes it easier to visualize.
 This is the backing I put on the mirror. 
 Close up of the light strip that wraps around the back. 
This is what it looks like when connected and turned on. Picture doesn't really do it justice. I'm very happy with the result. 


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