For the kitchen I had this vision of taking a sideboard/buffet and turning it into a 'kitchen'. The concept was that the piece of furniture would have a sink (small) and a two burner induction top dropped into it. I was able to finally find the right piece on Craigslist after a pretty lengthy search. I had a number of criteria that needed to be met:
- Price
- Color
- Style
- Ideally the sides would have doors underneath the top of the piece and not drawers since the cook top and sink would be at either end of the piece respectively and it make wiring and drainage easier.
Here is what I got:
Not a great picture, but you get the idea. It measures about 60" wide and 19" deep. There were some screw on leg but I took them off so that I could stay below the 36" lower sill of the window. The space you see to the right is where the loft ladder conveniently rolls into for storage. The bar sink which I purchased (used on Ebay) was to go into the right hand side of this piece, so I taped that area off with painters tape.
 The sink sit on top and isn't an under-mount, so I traced it onto the tape surface after having it centered and where I wanted it.
 That looked something like this. Note the out line of the whole sink and the internal cut lines, so that the sink will slot in but obviously no fall through the hole. 
 Then I cut the piece out. I was surprised how thick the wood was. It's a nice quality. 
 ...and the sink dropped in nicely. 
 Nice and flush. The drawer beneath the sink will no longer be usable but beneath that there is simply a door (and a removable shelf) that will house the drainage assembly from below the sink. 
 So the sink is in. Plumbing hook ups and stove installation to follow when I get to that part. 


  1. You may not have a usable drawer where that sink went, but it looks like you have a bit of storage space available around the underside of the sink.


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