Construction Resumed (a while ago).

Well, 2015 is a bit of a blur. The blog has remained rather dormant for a long time and I'm in the process of remedying that right now. Don't mistake my lack of blogging for a lack of activity although there was a bit of a slow down in the first half + summer of 2015. I attribute this to the tiny house being very livable after the completion of the insulation phase. Although far from complete, and not very pretty on the inside with the walls still open, it was cozy and warm and that took a good amount of the oomph out of the need to work frantically so that it would get to a point of being able to comfortably spend the night there. That said, there were a few months in the beginning of 2015 where the house and land it sits on were extremely inhospitable. The snow was up to porch levels and there was no way to even get to the house. 

After a lengthy and tundra like winter hiatus, construction resumed, albeit slowly. For some reason I always thought that Spring starts in March but up where the tiny house is, that is not the case at all. Even in the beginning of May 2015 there was only a mild hint of green developing up leaves on the trees and frogs and snakes are apparently still sleeping. A few short weeks later and everything was in bloom and the hummingbirds and biting insects were out and about. Back to the topic of the tiny house build...

Just like last year when my Amish Barnraiser Linden model was only a box like shell, my father came over from Germany again to assist in getting this thing done. Also, much like last year, we got a lot accomplished this time around. While the focus was on windows and insulation last year, we did a fair amount of bathroom framing as well as plumbing this time.  

When he first got here there was a ton of snow still on the ground.  I could get the truck onto the property but only with 4x4 switched on.  Nights continued to be brutally cold but daytime temps were fairly pleasant.  

I'll break out the framing and plumbing we did into separate posts but the place is pretty much 80% complete at this point.  Electrical is still the big looming and intimidating project not tackled yet. Some thoughts about that in an upcoming post as well. 
Anyway, point is that I'm back to blogging and there is more to come. 


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