Full disclosure...I have never been a huge fan of winter.  I have however tried really hard this year to change my mindset around it.  Having always been a fan of the "don't get upset about things you can't change" mantra, I've opted to tackle it a bit differently this year.  I have purchased lots of quality garments that protect me from the cold, since I have complete control over what I wear after all...  This has for the most part worked pretty well.  I'm rarely cold outside. 

Speaking of cold outside, winter storm Neptune is taking hold outside as I sit comfortably on the memory foam mattress in my second bedroom of my Linden.   Although close to single digits outside, the thermometer in here is reading a whopping 70! Small spaces are much easier to heat.  Getting to the house was really the problem.  I now understand fully the value of snowshoes (which I don't posses).  The other part of so much snow is that it makes construction virtually impossible given that I don't really want to set up the miter saw in the house. 

The house is however the quiet oasis I so need after stressful weeks in NYC.  It's very affirming to feel like I've made the right decision to not only buy this patch of land but also to proceed to build this tiny house (well...from the 'barn raiser' part on). 

There's not a lot of meat to the this post but construction will no doubt continue soon enough. My dad in fact has decided to come over from Germany again in the Spring to help!  He'll be here in April.  Right now it's hard to imagine that all the snow outside will have melted by then.  

It's a new year and although 2015 will likely bring a lot of change for me, I'm happy and thankful that I have this place to come to...even though there is a lot of snow.


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