Heating the house during the construction phase

Ultimately I will be using and electric heater exclusively to heat the house.  Currently, with the less than optimal insulation and construction which calls for the door to be open a lot, I needed some other way to warm up the interior.  I opted for one of these as an interim solution:
This is a "Mr. Heater" and runs off a 1 lb. propane can that can be purchased pretty much anywhere.  It has two temp settings and I have to say that this thing is great.  Puts out a lot of heat and quickly gets the house to really comfortable temp so that it makes it that much more pleasant to work.  I won't bore you with the additional details, just click the link above.  Consider this a ringing endorsement of this product though.


  1. I use the Big Buddy to heat my tiny house, and have so for 3 yrs! It's a great little heater. You can get a hose to connect it to 20 lb. tanks---just be sure to use a fuel filter in-between the hose & heater. Propane in 20 lb tanks is not as well-filtered as in the little guys.
    Also, be sure to burn off propane in the system if you won't be using it for a while, otherwise the pilot nozzle will get gunked up.

  2. If I didn't have access to the ample electricity, I would likely go that route as well. Good advice on the filtration aspect. Not aware that the quality of the propane diminishes in the bigger tanks. Kind of makes sense since 95% of those tanks get used to fuel BBQs which are not particularly sensitive to fuel quality.


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