Windows - Anderson 'classic'

Ideally I would have wanted to get the red framed windows that I have seen most Linden's come with (to match the seemingly very popular red metal roof). Since my dad was coming over all the way from Germany though, I needed a plan b.  What I was able to get were some Anderson classic windows which are locally stocked.  Most other windows apparently ship in from other locations. Anyway, the windows are a wood frame with vinyl on the outside.  They look nice and I was able to get all of the standard size that were called for.  I did order a rather large 30x40 one for the front that I thought was on my Linden as per plans but it turned out to be a much smaller window instead, so I had to cancel that one and get another.  No big deal.  Another thing that I noticed was that all four side windows are destined to be the same size.  This is fine except that for the bathroom, it really leave absolutely no room for a shower.  My build came with a 24x32 shower enclosure inside already since you can't get anything that large into the house after the plywood goes on the sides.  That size shower again is not feasible if you are looking to do a second bedroom at the front (trailer hitch area) of the house like I am (Horizon floorplan).  The point of this story is that the bathroom window needs to be smaller than the one listed since the full size window leaves no room for a shower option of any kind.  At least now with the smaller window (same size as the ones next to the door), I have a fighting chance of getting a 24x24 shower in there which I have heard is no picnic to shower in but I'm sure works fine in a pinch.
I have since been able to swap the window out for a 17x36 which is the same size as the two windows on either side of the front entrance.  That should work out fine.


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