Time to get productive

With the three aforementioned items in hand and my dad on the ground in the US, it was time to get started with working on the 'box' I had hauled back from Colorado.  My dad was to be in town for about 3 weeks and one of those weeks I was going to take off for some intensive work on the house.  
Siding had arrived.  My dad and I picked up the Anderson windows from a local supplier and after a few stops at Home Depot (for the Tuff R sheets of foam) and Harbor Freight for tools we deemed to need...actually let me break out the handful of stuff that was needed:
- Miter saw (sliding - to cut siding)
- Drill (mostly for driving screws)
- Jig saw (cutting angles on siding...cheaper than table saw)
- Circular saw (for cutting out windows)
- Air gun for siding nails (2 1/4 stainless steel)
- Compressor (8 gallon - rated for 'framing' guns)
- Two saw horses
That was the bulk of it and what we wound up using the most.
What we missed and could have used were:
- proper sleeping bags able to handle the bitter cold at night
- a reciprocating saw for tough sections on the window cutouts. 

Let's start with the window install next...


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