Camera working

Taking a break from the build posts here... So I had that previous post where I indicated that I had gotten a surveillance camera for the property.  This is really one of the better purchases I have made.  This thing is great.  There is an eye in the sky keeping a 24/7 watch on my tiny house.  For the most part the thing works great.  I did have a 24 period a while ago where the camera seemingly took an image every minute or so.  When I first saw this long list of images on the SD card, my first inclination was to delete them.  Thankfully the idea for the following popped into my head before I tossed these images into the trash.
It's great to see that literally nothing happens up there in the course of an entire day.  Pretty soothing in a way.  
Since then the camera has been working fine and for the most part doesn't send me too many pictures.  There is a lot of wildlife up there though and the following is a sample of the kind of stuff I have been getting.

That really has the ability to brighten my day when I get a text like that from up there.  Makes me feel connected to the place even when I'm far away.  Bottom line is that the camera is a great thing to have and well worth the peace and peace of mind that it brings.

There have been tons more deer pictures since the last post on this topic...but, this was the best!!:
That made my day :)

Then there was this one:
Didn't like that one bit.  Don't like people poking around.  I called the police and then a short while later got this picture with the state troopers in full force:
And that is why I have this camera ultimately.  Ultimately it was just somebody curious apparently.  I much prefer to get pictures of deer and bear...


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