Tiny house retrieval - day 3

Logged big miles today.  Stopped just short of Indiana.  833 miles to go <sigh>.  Looking to do another 500+ miles tomorrow so that on Thursday I have a bit of a lighter day as far as mileage is concerned.  
The Linden drew attention at all stops.  One in particular, I had several people take the tour.  Gave me the opportunity to promote Tumbleweed as well.  The build quality was commented on several times from some folks who apparently build houses.  Also was confronted with the question "How she pullin'?"  Took me a few seconds to figure out that this means "What are the road handling characteristics of this vehicle?"
Unfortunately, since I was in hilly country today and I was driving faster since there was less wind, the gas mileage plummeted.  I'm at a 7.8 mile per gallon average since I left Colorado Springs.  That's bad and borderline depressing.  For the benefit of my parents that's "32 Liter auf 100"
Ok, that's it.  Time for bed.  No pictures today.


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