Leap of faith.

I'm usually much more of a control freak but there comes a time when a given situation is as good as it's going to get.  I took a look at the various Uhaul trucks as indicated in my previous post.  Recommendation from the local Uhaul rental place was to get on a first name basis with the manager of one of the larger dedicated UHaul facilities in Denver.  After days of trying to get someone on the phone, I was successful today.  I have booked a 14' truck and they can apparently install what is needed in regard to brake controller and the larger tow ball.  What the reality on the ground is when I get to Denver, remains to be seen.  Will keep in touch with these folks next week and then will fly out there on the 30th of March, 2014.  That's a Sunday and this location is open.  I will then pick up the house on Monday in Colorado Springs and begin the long drive back.  I guess first I need to make a trip to local DMV and register the trailer and get it on my insurance and so forth.  Also looking to get that done Monday AM.  Like I said at the beginning of this post, this is typically not how I would normally do things.

One way flight has been booked...  gulp.

The good news is that I have confirmation that the build is complete.  I have asked to see a picture and they will be sending that soon!  Also want to head up to the property this weekend since we've had a few warmer days and I anticipate that a good amount of snow has melted up there.  Want to see what it looks like.


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