Flying out tomorrow

So the time has finally come to head out to Colorado.  Some of the stuff I referenced before I'm still not really sure about.  The truck thing is still not clear.  Tried unsuccessfully to reach competent UHaul folks, so we'll have to see what happens tomorrow morning when I arrive in Denver.  Plan is still to get the truck tomorrow and then pick up the house Monday morning and start the journey back.  The cool thing is that the Amish in CO have sent me a picture of my Linden!  Here it is in all it's glory:

How cool is that...sheet metal roof and all?  

I've also just shared this blog with my parents who are understandably 'concerned' for my well being.  May share with some co-workers as well who I have been rambling on about my tiny house thing to for some time now.  I plan to send out regular updates from the road over the next few days.  Very excited and trying to suppress mild panic attack type symptoms :)
Take a deep will all work itself out.


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