Bucking the trend...

So the good news is that I got word today that my Barn Raiser is going to be done next Tuesday!  This is GREAT news for sure.  Can't wait to see what it looks like.  In a way it the ultimate Kinder Chocolate Egg

Delivery date is way earlier than I anticipated.  Not a problem though...I can work through that.  Not sure if my girlfriend will be able to head out with me, but working on that as well.

Ok, so here comes the bad news...I started to dig into truck rentals a bit more intensely and the two things that I need, appear to be a bit trickier to procure than anticipated.  This is one of those pesky fringe cases that your average U-haul representative has ever come across.  Unfortunately, everyone likes to be an expert and they'll give you the answer the they believe to be true with complete disregard for what might be possible.  I need two things:

1) a 2 5/16" ball connector for the trailer
2) an electric brake controller with a 7 pin connector to plug the trailer into

Look the same to me...Such a seemingly minor issue is causing me to get more grey hair than I already have.  I have called all three of the large truck renters (U-Haul, Budget and Penske...Ryder doesn't do one way rentals) and all three have a pretty polished response of "all our trucks have a 2" ball that is welded on and can't be swapped out".  This is a problem (see item #1 above).

On my last call to U-Haul I finally got a bit further.  I was told that their 'M' model in the 14' variation has the ability to swap out the ball to the size that I need.  Ok, well that's good news.  50% of the way to the finish line.  When I referenced the 7 pin connector I was told that there is "an adapter available". I indicated that it's hard to imagine an adapter that goes from the 4 pin that the trucks apparently have, to a 7 pin.  I'll have to keep working that angle.

Next steps are 1) reach out to the friendly folks at Tumbleweed for some guidance (check) 2) go to a U-Haul rental facility locally and take a look at some of the trucks to see what an 'M' model looks like.  What I don't need is any surprises once I get out to Colorado...  This has to be fully baked before I hand a TSA representative my driver's license and boarding pass.  I'm kind of risk averse with stuff like this.  We'll see what knowledge the Tumbleweed people have in this regard.  It seems as though others have successfully maneuvered this minefield based on this page on their site where they talk about rentals.


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