Application Sent!

The friendly folks at Tumbleweed now have my (loan) application for the purchase of the Amish Barn Raiser.  Like I said before the more I thought about this, the more sense it made to me.  Spoke to Ross at Tumbleweed last week and that sealed the deal on this being the path for me to go down. Pretty excited...  Would like to get the green light quickly for them to start building and to get some sort of sense around timing and dates for pick up out west.
Already loosely in the works is a plan to fly out to Denver and then drive back with the house behind a one way rental from U-Haul or similar.  Of course I just bought a truck that would 'likely' be able to handle this but traveling that distance both ways just doesn't compute since there will be gas and lodging expenses on the way out there as well, so in the end it would be wash financially with the down side of wear and tear on the truck and need to take an additional several days of vacation.  
Started looking rentals and Budget truck rental seems to have much more competitive rate than U-Haul currently.  Of course I'm picking a somewhat arbitrary date since I don't know when any of this is going to happen.  A whole bunch of snow has to melt first here on the East Coast.  At least we have a couple warm days coming up (40's) where melting can commence.
I'll keep looking for the truck rental and will post on what I find.  Currently it looks like it will be in the $500-$1000 range for a one way rental from Denver to NJ.  Sounds like a road trip adventure to me.  
What I won't do is pay for delivery which is slated for $3000 to this part of the world...what? someone else can have all that fun.  No way.
Girlfriend already signed up for the cross country trek, so I'll have company... April seems realistic right now.


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