First steps

If you have a tiny house, you need somewhere to put it.  The beauty of these tiny houses is that they can be created in a portable fashion.  In other words, they can be built on a trailer and then moved from place to place.  For the most part mine won't be moved, but it's still nice to have that as an option. is again a great place to see what I am talking about.  I have opted to build the 'Linden' model and gone ahead an purchased the plans from Tumbleweed.  I have to say that the plans are great and for example include a full list of ALL the items that I'm going to need down to the kitchen sink and number of nails I'll likely use.  I won't bore you here with the details of that since the Tumbleweed site is so good in laying that all out (I am not being paid for endorsing them). 

So I have the plans and I also have the land on which to put the house.  The land is in the Catskills off of route 17.  It's under a 100 miles from where I live and can be tackled in well under 2 hours.  The land is 3.5 acres and really quite perfect for what I intend to do since:
  • There is electric at the road
  • It has a 10x10 shed to store stuff in
  • There is a stream/creek running through it as well as an artesian well (I didn't know what it was either) so that water is not an issue.
  • It has a fire pit (bonus)
  • There is a screened in gazebo (bonus)
  • My girlfriend gave a me a chainsaw for Christmas (double bonus)
With water and electricity being in abundant supply, there is still one thing missing...  I'm not quite sure how to tackle that aspect yet since a septic system is out of the question and tanks to pump out are less than an ideal option.  I may have to go high tech and this might just be the solution...more to come on that subject later.  I'm open to other suggestions.

The land was pretty cheap for it's size.  Why?  Here's the catch...there used to be a house on the land that in 2006 was undercut by the stream due to excessive rainfall in a short period of time.  That caused the stream to turn into a raging torrent.  The house was torn down due to this and the town declared the land unbuildable.  Bummer for the people who lost their house.  I actually found an image of the house that once was there on the land (in it's compromised state)...

This is where having a house on wheels turns out to be a good thing!  If you are seeking to do something similar, I would advise you to look for 'non-buildable' land that is zoned for 'recreational use'.  


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